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130+ Ways to Save on Food

Food is usually the biggest part of your household budget. Therefore spending less on food is the biggest change you can make if you are living on a tight budget. Below is a comprehensive list of ways you can consume and buy food on a budget: General Food Saving Tips Set a dollar amount on how much you want to spend on groceries per week. That way, you will be forced to be smart about spending your food bud ...

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120+ Tips to Save on Electricity and Energy

We take electricity for granted, because when we turn on a switch we expect that it's always there to serve our energy needs. Sometimes we don't even realize that we are consuming electricity, and we leave our electronics plugged in and lights constantly on. This constant use of electricity (even if we don't realize it) adds up, and eventually has a significant effect on your budget. Below is a comprehensiv ...

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These Money Saving Tips Will Make You Live Frugally

If you are living on a tight budget, you have to live frugally.  To live frugally, you have to develop patterns of thinking that makes you a money saver.  You have to change the way you feel about spending and saving.  You have to condition your mind to be creative and resourceful about getting the most benefit from the least use of your financial resources. Below are general money-saving tips to help you d ...

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Tips on Buying Insurance on a Budget

It is tempting to skip buying insurance if you’re living on a budget.  After all, why spend money for something that you cannot hold, and does not fulfill the basic needs of food, clothing or shelter. What you get when you buy insurance is protection from financial catastrophe.  When financial catastrophe strikes, all of your careful budgeting and hard work to attain your financial goals go down the drain.  ...

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60+ Tips To Save on Heating Costs

Choose what energy to use. Heat your home with energy that is the cheapest in your area. Consider investing in solar heat.  It may be initially expensive, but you will be able to recover your cost and save over time. If there are a lot of wood in your area, contact a professional to install a wood burning stove.  Fully insulate your home. Test if your home is air-tight. When there’s wind, hold a lit incense ...

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